My goal as an artist is to create fine art photographs that reflect nature’s true beauty.


I place a tremendous emphasis on light in my art. Its quality is paramount in my work. Relatedly, tones are critical for balancing a composition and creating emotionally powerful art. 


There are technical challenges that I face, and while I utilize quality equipment to overcome many of these challenges, I use varying degrees of post-processing to deliver my vision of a scene to the viewer. 


My post-processing techniques are continually being refined such that I can consistently deliver the most powerful images to the viewer. I work to ensure that the tones, colors, and balance of the image are both representative of what I saw out in the field and are working together to deliver to the viewer the emotions I felt when I captured the image. Further, due to the nature of a digital sensor, I sometimes crop images into a different format to produce an image with the specific composition that I observed in the scene. 


In my work out in the field, I exhibit the utmost care and respect for nature and its inhabitants. I believe very strongly in the preservation of our environment. It is my sincere hope that through my art, I will lead others to feel a similarly deep connection to nature. 


Growing up in Maine, I am surrounded by immense natural beauty that needs to be protected. I believe that the best way to protect our environment is to share with as many people as possible the beauty that exists within it. My desire is to capture nature’s beauty as accurately as possible and to present within the image aesthetic elements to create art that best reflects my vision. Photography is my medium of choice.