My goal as a visual artist is to use the medium of photography to create fine art photographs that reflect nature’s true beauty.

I place a tremendous emphasis on light in my work. The quality of light is paramount to best capturing a scene. Relatedly, tones and color are critical for creating a pleasing composition and creating powerful work. 

There are technical challenges that I face, and while I utilize quality equipment to overcome many of these challenges, I also use varying degrees of post-processing to deliver my vision of a scene to the viewer. 

My post-processing techniques are continually being refined such that I can consistently deliver the most powerful images to the viewer. I work to ensure that the tones, colors, and balance of the image are representative of what I saw out in the field and work together to convey to the viewer the emotions I felt when I captured the image. 

In my work out in the field, I exhibit the utmost care and respect for nature and its inhabitants. I believe very strongly in the preservation of our environment. If an image cannot be captured ethically, I refuse to capture it.

It is my sincere hope that through my art, I will lead others to feel a similarly deep connection to nature. I believe that visual artists have an important role to play in promoting nature and its preservation. My desire is to use the photographic medium to capture nature’s beauty and to present it in a way that best reflects my vision.